Working Group Description

Working Group AD – Non-FCSA Data Responsibilities
To revise the table of provincial coordinators and make a recommendation to the MICS Technical Group.  To study the feasibility of using IC data for non-FCSA sites.

Working Group AZS – Fees Assessment Method
To revise table of traffic code Vs. fee factor and make recommendation to MTG.  To assign fee factors to area systems.  (Not currently active.)

Working Group EH — Service Area Coordination
To study and propose solutions to the problem of point-to-multipoint and area licensed systems, including intra and inter system analysis.

Working Group EP – PCS Coordination
To study all aspects of the coordination between terrestrial fixed services and Personal Communication Services (PCS) systems and report findings to the Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC).  (Not currently active.)

To study the impact on MICS caused by increased usage due to PCS coordination; to consider the possibility of creating a separate database for PCS systems and make a recommendation to the MTG.

Working Group SD – Database Formats for New Service
To decide which new systems’ data should be included in MICS, and to recommend formats to upload these systems’ data to the MDB.

Working Group SE – MICS S/W Enhancements
To work with FCSA on the proposal, evaluation, development and supervision of MICS software enhancements.

Working Group SL – Long Term MICS Hardware/Software Solution
To work with FCSA on the forecast of FCSA future hardware needs. To consider software improvements required to satisfy users’ needs and to bring the system in line with current software technology.