The Frequency Coordination System Association (FCSA) is a not-for-profit Canadian corporation and an association of organizations that own and operate microwave radio/wireless and satellite communication facilities. FCSA owns, operates and administers a computer and database facility, and a microwave information and coordination system (MICS) software module which is used by its Member organizations in the design, planning, and implementation of their telecommunication systems. FCSA’s database contains technical data for over 140,000 terrestrial microwave radio stations and over 3,000 satellite earth stations licensed to operate in Canada, and a large portion of the licensed microwave radio systems located in the frequency coordination zone along the Canada-U.S.A. border.

Established in 1983, FCSA has developed a strong membership base representing owners and operators of fixed microwave radio/wireless and satellite systems in all provinces of Canada and the Territories. The key activities of FCSA involve the efficient and effective coordination of microwave radio systems amongst the Members and other microwave radio system operators in Canada and frequency coordination organizations in the United States of America. FCSA also offers a terrestrial system radio frequency interference analysis service to Canadian Organizations that are not members of FCSA.

Corporate Profile

The Frequency Coordination System Association (FCSA) is a not-for-profit Canadian corporation and an association of some twenty organizations that own and operate microwave radio communication facilities and are involved in radio frequency spectrum management activities including frequency coordination.

FCSA owns, operates and administers a computer and database facility and a microwave information coordination system (MICS) software module used by the Member organizations in the design, planning and implementation of their microwave radio systems.

Originally known as the Canadian Telecommunications Carriers Association (CTCA) when it was founded in 1972, FCSA was established in 1983. FCSA has provided its Members a valuable and effective forum for the cooperative management of a scarce public resource – the radio frequency spectrum.

FCSA is managed by a small full-time staff under the guidance of its executive consisting of the President, Vice-President, Chairman of its MICS Technical Group (MTG), the General Manager and Secretary-Treasurer, and a Board of Directors.

The MICS Management Committee (MMC), composed of the Officers and the MTG Chairperson, acts as the interface between the Board and the MTG.

The MTG addresses all radio engineering and computer operations related matters.

The MICS Operations Group addresses the day-to-day computer terminal operations issues.

Our Key Roles

  • To provide an effective forum for frequency coordination activities amongst its Member organizations and with external Canadian and U.S. organizations involved in spectrum management.
  • To maintain operational integrity and security of the computer system, database facility and its MICS software module.
  • To provide engineering training and support to the Member organizations on microwave radio frequency matters and the use of MICS.
  • To effect system enhancements reflecting new technologies and procedures in the engineering of microwave radio facilities.
  • To develop methods and procedures to further microwave radio frequency coordination proceedings.
  • To share the experience and expertise of the Member organizations.

Our Members

FCSA Membership consists of the following major Canadian telecommunications service providers who own and operate terrestrial and/or satellite radio frequency facilities and represent more than 90% of all the Canadian microwave radio licensees. (As of Dec 2020).

Membership Benefits

Plenty.  By becoming a member of FCSA you have immediate access to resources that can benefit your organization in many ways.

  • Access to an agreed upon common set of standard microwave radio frequency coordination procedures, algorithms and software model (MICS) to perform radio frequency interference analyses whose results are recognized industry-wide.
  • Access to an efficient and cost effective means of microwave radio frequency coordination.
  • Access to one of the best pools of expert knowledge in microwave radio matters.
  • Access to forward looking, up-to-date, high quality data on the major microwave radio frequency systems in Canada and the U.S.A.
  • Access to a proven effective forum that is recognized by Industry Canada (IC) as a leader in microwave radio frequency coordination matters.

Make sure your organization is represented in FCSA.
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Membership Costs

Funding for FCSA operations is derived from the membership fees paid by the individual Member organizations based on their relative MICS system usage and relative spectrum worth.

How Do You Join FCSA?

Easy.  Complete the Membership Application Form or for more information, call the FCSA office.